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Our story

Cashmere, the world’s most luxurious natural yarn - warmth without weight and an exquisite softness that only improves with age.

Why ‘CashmeRED’?

It’s a fact of life that all businesses reflect the interests and values of their owners, and Cashmered is no different.

I’ve been an avid knitter for years, with a love of natural fibres and the concept of garments for life – all of which has led me to the ‘ultimate’ luxury yarn, cashmere.

It started because I wanted to knit in pure cashmere, simply for the pleasure of working with it. However I found that the heavier weights available were too warm for indoor wear and, as a strictly ‘urban’ girl who spends little or no time striding over windswept moorlands, were therefore of limited interest. Indeed, I already had a wardrobe of chunky sweaters.

The perfect cashmere

I wanted the cashmere in a fine weight – to wear indoors, to have the ability to showcase delicate shaping and detailing, to give shawls the best drape, to give access to the ‘retro’ patterns of the ‘40’s and ‘50’s - and to give me hours of sheer pleasure in the making.

It was frustrating to find that fine weight cashmere in anything other than ‘baby pastels’ was impossible to come by. But it was the turning point, and the concept of ‘CashmeRED’ was born.

Having persuaded a major Italian cashmere specialist to supply me, I chose a 3 ply equivalent weight (2x2/27), the very best quality (Grade A), and a range of twenty fabulous colours and set about designing a range of patterns in simple, classic shapes that hopefully have a place in everyone’s wardrobe.

I’m gradually building on the pattern base year on year and working with other designers to expand the range of garments to include smaller projects and accessories at all skill levels.

Finally, I would like to think that ‘Cashmered’ yarn not only celebrates your skills, but results in garments that slip seamlessly into your wardrobe and remain favourites for years.

Moira Williams

Interested in carrying Cashmered pure cashmere yarn in your shop? We’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact us for wholesale details.